Burn More Calories with Water Aerobics

POSTED BY Scott | Aug, 07, 2015 |
Water Aerobics Class

Burn more calories with water aerobics

What kind of exercise program allows you to ditch your athletic shoes? The answer is simple – Aquatics! Water aerobics that is designed to reduce joint pain, burn calories, and help you stay cool in the summer heat.

Before the groans and excuses roll in, take a minute to decide if the benefits of water exercise outweigh your concerns. For starters, the water’s unique properties such as buoyancy and resistance create a no-impact, but fantastic calorie burn exercise. Aquatic exercise, sometimes known as water aerobics, combines the power of cardiovascular training and strength training all rolled into one total-body workout.

What’s involved in water aerobics?

Aquatic exercise can be done in a group setting or on your own by using a few simple but effective water techniques. Water walking alone, or walking with equipment that creates resistance in the water, like water noodles, can provide great metabolic benefit. Of course, the harder you work in the water, the more cardiovascular and muscular improvement you will achieve.

Some ways to advance the workout on your own are by using a flotation vest so you can run in deeper water. Or try using some simple water toys, like pool weights, kick-boards or other floatation devices, to add resistance to the water as you move. Even without equipment, you can advance upper-body exercises by creating resistance with your hand flat like a paddle. This will allow you to create additional resistance for your arms as you press underwater.

How can I burn calories in water?

Water depth and the speed of movement contribute to the amount of calories you’ll burn in a workout. There is a wide range of water aerobic exercises, in fact, most land exercises can be mimicked in the water, like chest presses, bicep curls and even floating crunches to strengthen your core. Make sure to include some cardio movements, exercises that increase your heart rate and do at least one exercise for every major muscle group (chest, back, legs, core and arms).

When combining these exercises into a water aerobics routine, it provides a total-body workout that burns up to 500 calories per hour.

The energy, or calories, exerted from the body during this time is equivalent to running or walking at a 10–11 minute per mile pace.

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by Mira Rasmussen, BS, ACSM EP-C, Exercise Physiologist/Health and Fitness Professional

When walking or running, the amount of calories you burn is linked to the weight you carry, how fast you move and the resistance from gravity. The natural resistance of water replaces the toll of gravity bearing down on your body. Not only does it give you that calorie burning workout you’re looking for but also reduces overall body weight applied to a joint by about 90 percent. A water workout leaves muscles less sore and joints feeling the benefit of movement without swelling or strain. Just using the natural resistance of water is a perfect way to start strength training since water provides resistance in all directions, facilitating muscular strength and endurance.

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