How Our Program Works

Medical Weight Loss

Learn how the Pound Melters program works

What can I expect on my first visit?

  • You should allow 45 minutes to an hour for your first appointment.
  • The doctor or nurse practitioner will take your medical history and do a brief physical.
  • He or she will explain the program in detail and let you know if you are a candidate for the program.
  • If you can’t join for any reason, you won’t be charged for the physical.

What happens when I enter the program?

  • One of our providers will discuss diet, exercise and the use of our prescription appetite suppressants.
  • Then you and the provider will create some realistic weight loss goals and a plan to achieve them.

What happens after that?

  • You will receive a 28 day supply of medication.
  • At the end of each appointment you will receive a reminder card of when your medication will run out.
  • After your first visit you do not need to make an appointment as we have drop in hours for all our patients.
  • You are not required to but you can come in as often as you would like to be weighed and measured, or just talk about your progress with a practitioner at no extra charge.
  • If you follow the program you should be able to achieve your weight loss goals.

What is the program?

Our program consists of following a simple low-fat diet, low carb diet, moderate exercise, portion control and the use of prescription appetite suppressants. Read our Low Carb Low Fat Diet Guidelines.

What prescription medication is used in the program?

We use prescription appetite suppressants. On your first visit, the doctor or nurse practitioner will discuss the medications and decide which, if any will be the best one for you.

How much weight loss can I expect?

Weight loss varies per person. On average 1-2 pounds per week can be expected.

How is the Pound Melters program different from other programs available?

Our program is medically supervised. We have Doctors and Nurse Practitioners that follow your weight loss and provide you with individual treatment.

Is it expensive? Do I have to buy any special foods?

We don’t require you to buy food products of any kind or enroll under contract. We make every effort to keep our program affordable.

What happens if I need to lose more than 50 pounds? Can I continue in the medically supervised program to reach my weight loss goal?

Yes, we are willing to work with you until you reach your desired goal or a healthy BMI. Check your BMI with our BMI Calculator.

What is the medical supervision of the program?

You are seen by a provider regularly for counseling and a brief physical exam where your weight, blood pressure and pulse are recorded. Usually every 4 weeks.

Am I expected to exercise even if I am not exercising at all right now?

Generally yes, you want to begin some form of regular aerobic exercise, at least 3-4 times a week for a minimum of ½ an hour. However, this varies depending on your medical history.

Can I participate in the program if I am already taking an anti-depressant?

There are some anti-depressants that can be combined with our medications and our Doctor or Nurse Practitioner will be able to tell you if this is would be possible with your specific medication.

Can I enter the program if I am taking other medications?

After reviewing your complete medical history, our Provider can tell you if we are able to combine your medications with ours. If we are unable to treat you with our medications, you can still participate in the program with regular counseling and weigh-ins.

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