Losing Weight Can Help You Save Money

POSTED BY Scott | Nov, 28, 2017 |

A recent study in the journal Obesity has highlighted the costs of being either overweight or obese at a variety of different age groups. Some of these expenses are described as “societal costs,” but others directly impact the person with the condition. Here are some of the highlights:

The Overall Cost of Obesity vs. Being Simply Overweight

There is a significant difference in third-party payer costs, productivity losses, and societal costs between being obese or overweight, according to the Obesity study. For an obese 20-year-old who is otherwise metabolically healthy, these costs amount to a lifetime average of $14,059 in third-payer costs, $14,141 of productivity losses, and total societal costs of $28,020. Surprisingly, the figures weren’t all that much higher for someone of 50 years of age, perhaps because the 50-year-old doesn’t have as many working years left.

How This Impacts You

The biggest problem with the “societal cost” argument is that individuals cannot relate to it. To bring these matters down to Earth, here are some of the ways being overweight or obese cost you money:

  • It’s harder to work. Your productivity goes down when you have to haul extra weight to do every task. This can result in delayed or missed promotions, lower piecework productivity and pay, and more.
  • Your clothes cost more money. If you’re obese, you’ll likely hit that pricing tier where your clothes are more expensive just because they’re bigger.
  • Obesity-related disease is more likely. Insurance deductibles and co-pays add up. Disease can also halt work entirely.

How to Lose Weight

Despite years of studies showing that obesity is often a disease process, many still have the misconception that it’s a matter of willpower. While it may be true for the person who only needs to lose 10-20 lbs., someone who is truly obese is suffering from a disease that requires serious intervention.

Losing a Bit of Weight

  • Avoid extremes. Liquid cleanses, diets that offer one or only a few foods, and similar “solutions” are doomed to failure. They can also get expensive.
  • Ignore claims that healthy food is expensive. Raw chicken is one of the cheapest foods around, and it’s a dieter’s favorite.
  • One of the best tips for losing a bit of weight involves not keeping tempting food around. This means not buying it, so you immediately save money.

Pound Melters Can Help

The personal and societal cost of being overweight or obese, combined with many of the costly diseases that go with these conditions, can be strong motivators to lose weight once they are truly considered. However, this alone often isn’t enough to get the job done.

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