Obesity: Far From Just a Willpower Issue

POSTED BY Scott | Mar, 27, 2017 |
Overweight People Street Scene

Obesity is an epidemic. According to a New York Times article on the subject, nearly one-third of Americans are considered obese. However, for those who suffer, there is a stigma. Not only do they deal with health hazards and the confidence issues, but many people believe that obesity is a result of lack of willpower or even laziness. Is that the case? There has been much study on the subject, and the results may surprise you.

The Study is Out

Study after study has shown that obesity is a problem bigger and harder to pinpoint than most people realize. While the public blames the obese person for laziness or overeating, researchers report differently. A quote in the same New York Times article mentioned above states:

obesity, which affects one-third of Americans, is caused by interactions between the environment and genetics and has little to do with sloth or gluttony. There are hundreds of genes that can predispose to obesity in an environment where food is cheap and portions are abundant.

So, this explains why some people seem to fight so hard against weight gain and still put on the pounds.

Willpower—What Does That Mean, Anyway?

Genetics is a big factor in obesity, so automatically assuming that someone who is overweight is lazy or has no willpower is a crazy way of thinking. On the other hand, “willpower,” so to speak, obviously has SOME effect on obesity. If someone wants to lose weight, they will have to make changes. But, what IS willpower? In many cases, the obese individual has made changes, they have tried, perhaps dozens of times, to diet or exercise, and failed. Willpower means having that will—it doesn’t mean having that success. Because sometimes genetics is fighting against that success.

Unfortunately, obesity isn’t something that is highly studied in medicine. Many doctors go through medical school and never learn more than an average individual about the subject. What this means is that those who suffer will continue to suffer, unless they seek specialized, knowledgeable assistance. Only then can someone begin adequately fighting both the genetic issues that predispose them to obesity AND any willpower hurdles they may face too.

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